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Mattress Packed Small

June 29, 2018

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Mimpi, a technology, and lifestyle startup company, launches their premium and innovative foam mattresses, Mimpi Mattress, into the Indonesian market. Mimpi Mattress is designed in Belgium and manufactured in Indonesia. According to the Founder and CEO of Mimpi, Frank De Witte, this mattress is only sold online at the www.mimpi.co.id website. “We offer a comfortable shopping experience through online purchases,” he said at an event in Jakarta, Thursday (8/2).


Mimpi offers a unique delivering system, thanks to its innovative packaging technology, which can compress the mattress half the original size (200cm x 200cm). “If your mattress arrives in the box, don’t worry, we know what we’re doing,” De Witte said. He also stated, after the plastic packaging that wrapped the mattress is opened, slowly the mattress would expand. “Within 24 hours the mattress will be of the normal size to order,” he said.


Regarding the coating material used in the mattress, De Witte explained, they include the Mimpi latex foam, pressure-relieving foam and memory foam, high-resilience foam, and firm-support base foam which gives the ideal hardness to the mattress. “The Mimpi Mattress also has a removable zipper that also stretches,” he said.


There are four models that consumers can choose. Each model comes with a different number of layers, heights, and prices. Prices offered start from Rp2,8 million to Rp11,8 million. In addition, Mimpi provides a 100-night free trial experience and a 10-year warranty.


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