Kasur Yang Sehat

What Makes A Healthy Mattress?

February 27, 2018

Good quality sleep determines our daily activities, and a good mattress determines our sleep quality. According to Frank De Witte Founder, and CEO of the startup company, Mimpi mattress, a good bed emphasizes health, comfort, support, temperature, and endurance. Therefore the bed must use layers of quality material.

“This is to ensure consumers get the perfect balance during sleep, regardless of body type or sleep style, “he said.

A good mattress is one that has a latex layer because it can provide perfect springs and keep consumers cool at night. “The mattress also has a pressure-relieving foam and memory foam so that it contours the body shape in order to support body posture perfectly,” said De Witte.

There is also a layer of high-resilience foam that stops the body movement during sleep. The final layer is the firm-support base foam that’s durable and strong so as to provide the ideal level of hardness on the mattress. All layers used must be specifically selected and the quality developed. Thus, these layers can function properly so as to provide maximum comfort in all important body parts.

Mimpi, a Belgian developed sleep technology is claimed to have all of these requirements. De Witte markets it online through the official website www.mimpi.co.id where consumers can get a more affordable price. The reason De Witte sells Mimpi products online is to be able to establish connections directly with customers, without a distribution chain.


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