Kebiasaan Tidur yang Baik Mempengaruhi Produktivitas Anda

How Lack of Sleep Affects Productivity

April 01, 2021

Have you ever felt tired and sleepy during work, not only that you cannot think clearly or function well because you have a bad sleeping habit? We live in a world where the culture that we work on globally is linked to a strong hard-working mindset, which demands us to always be active. People seem to spend most of their time in their working environment, therefore they usually come to work in a bad state of mind, and not realizing that there are many benefits from sleeping that can affect your productivity during the day. Sounds very different from our natural intuition, but there is a negative effect from having a bad sleeping habit that can later impact your physical and mental health.  

Having a good sleep shouldn’t be considered a luxury privilege, instead, you should see it as a need and priority. Everyone has to make sure to get a good sleep whilst also keeping track of their sleeping hours every night so that they can function well during the day. The negative impact of having a bad sleeping habit shouldn’t be seen as a minor problem because it can later affect your health in the long run. 

In a professional working environment, studies show that having a bad sleeping habit is a “hidden threat” that needs to be noticed by companies because the employee’s well-being has to be their first concern and priority. Employees should have enough sleeping hours so that they can do their activities well during the day. 

So how does a bad sleeping habit affect your working productivity? How does it affect your well-being? And which is more important, how to upgrade your sleeping habit or how to get a good amount of sleeping hours

Sleep Peacefully at Night

Benefits of Sleeping at Noon and Night-Time

Having a good sleeping habit can give you a lot of benefits especially for mental and physical health. Sleeping at noon can help increase our concentration level while maintaining our awareness. Being able to catch enough sleep during noon can help increase our immune and also improve blood flow throughout the whole body especially the flow that goes to the brain, which is one of the most vital centre nerves in your body. Other than protecting your immune, sleeping during the noon can also change your mood, lower your blood pressure and increase your memory and of course, add to your sleeping hours. 

Same as sleeping at noon, sleeping at night also carries a lot of benefits. Sleeping at night can help your body increase its immune which later can produce antibody and sitokin which will help give protection to your body from bacteria and virus. The other benefits of sleeping at night are it will help your body to prepare itself to function well tomorrow

A Good Sleeping Hour that is Ideal

Usually, you don't even think about your sleeping hour. Even though by knowing your ideal sleeping hour, we can easily arrange our time so that we can get enough sleep. Commonly, people can usually start sleeping early at night so that the next morning they will wake up early. The National Sleep Foundation gave us a recommendation that a good sleeping hour starts at 08:00 PM until midnight. Although, it is also important for you to know that everyone has a different sleeping hour that is ideal. As you grew older, your sleeping hours would decrease. According to National Sleep Foundation, here are the recommended sleeping hour that is ideal according to your age range; 

  • New baby born (0-3 months old): 12-15 hours per day 
  • Baby (4-11 months old): 12-15 hours per day 
  • Toddler (1-5 years old): 10-14 hours per day 
  • Kids (6-13 years old): 9-11 hours per day 
  • Teenagers (14-20 years old): 7-9 hours per day
  • Adults (20-59 years old): 7-9 hours per day 
  • Elderly (60 years above): 7-8 hours per da

How do you deal with a sleep disorder?

Although the majority of people have bad sleeping habit, most of them didn’t realize that it's concerning. An important piece of information that needs to be kept alerts is that most sleep disorders cannot be cured even after being diagnosed. Many people still don’t understand how to sleep properly. 

Take notes on your sleeping routine every night for one to two weeks and that way you can easily identify your sleeping pattern or notice your condition whatever it is that is causing you to have a deficit in sleeping. This is also good if you’re trying to decide or consult with a doctor or a sleeping disorder expert. 

Mimpi Doctor

There are also ways to help increase your sleeping habit. Sleeping thoroughly will help keep you disciplined by your sleeping schedule and your waking up hours, including weekends. You should also create your own sleeping routine that is relaxing like after taking a hot bath, meditating, reading a book or listening to calming music. 

Stop eating at least two to three weeks before your sleeping hour. Exercise every day to help fix your sleeping habit, even though it is advised to finish your exercise a few hours before your sleeping hour. Avoid caffeine including coffee, tea, soda and chocolate and also nicotine that is found in cigarette and other tobacco products before bed. 

Mimpi Ideal Sleep Environment

The other way to have good sleep is to not drink alcohol before going to sleep! As an antidepressant medicine, many people assume that alcohol is calming and can help people sleep better, whereas it's proven that alcohol can destroy your quality of sleep by preventing your ability to sleep with Rapid-Eye-Movement (REM), that is also known as dreaming. It is a sleeping condition that is needed by the brain to recover fully. The same thing also applies to other substances such as weed or other medicine. 

One of the main reasons is to keep the stable ‘circadian rhythm’ – a circadian rhythm is an internal natural process that arranges your sleeping and waking to upcycle. This controls your awareness and sleepiness, affected by light, temperature and food supply. So, decreasing your screen time on gadgets can help you sleep more thoroughly at night. 

To create a nice sleeping habit is by creating an ideal sleeping environment that is breezing, calm, dark and comfortable. A comfortable bed is known to help resolve your sleeping disorder, so try sleeping on a bed that will support your body, comfortable and anti-allergen with a soft pillow that will reassure your body and mind that you are in the right place. 

Sleep disturbances can be overcome with premium beds from Kasur Dreams. Mattress Dreams will help you get the best quality sleep for you. Made of a breathable and sturdy latex surface, it can help reduce tension and the sturdy surface is scientifically proven to help improve your back posture.

Made from natural latex in Belgium using premium grade A latex, and using a high-resistant filling material that is proven to help you wake up refreshed.

So, what do you think? Not you already know that a good sleeping habits to affect your productivity.  In addition to improving a good routine for body health, you also need to maximize your sleep pattern with a Mimpi Sleep mattress. Buy the mattress now only at, and get a 10-year guarantee, 100-day trial (if you don't feel comfortable you can get a 100% refund), free up to 2 latex pillows and free shipping throughout Indonesia.


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