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Sleep Needs Based on The Age Category

March 11, 2019

One of the lot of advice we heard before is to always keep our healthy and good sleep patterns. But
do you know how many hours exactly that we supposed to have that suit our needs every day?

Many of us know that as an adult, we should take around 7-8 hours a day to sleep at night, but do
you know that our sleep needs are not the same and change according to our age? These following
list are the sleep requirements that researchers recommend based on the age category:

• Age 0-3 months = 14-17 hours / day
• Age 4-11 months = 12-15 hours / day
• 1-3 years = 11-14 hours / day
• 3-5 years = 10-13 hours / day
• 6-12 years = 9-11 hours / day
• 13-17 years = 8-10 hours / day
• 18-25 years = 7-9 hours / day
• 26 – 64 years = 7-8 hours / day
•> 65 years = 6-8 hours / day

If you have fulfilled your sleeping time requirements in accordance with the researchers'
recommendations, then in fact it is good enough for you to get a healthy and fresh body the next
day. Always keep your healthy and good sleep pattern so that the body is always in good condition
to do activities the next day.


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