Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Kasur Latex

Pros and cons of latex mattress

June 24, 2020

The overall quality of a mattress is based on the density of the used raw materials. Dense materials stand for high quality. By using only high-density materials sourced from Europe, the quality of every Mimpi is top class. One of the materials used in our mattress is natural latex extracted from rubber trees.

Discover the pros and cons of latex mattresses below!

Pros of latex mattress

  1. Latex mattresses provide both comfort and support

You will feel the stresses of the day fade away as it relieves your pressure points.

  1. You won’t feel your partner’s twisting and turning

The latex can easily absorb shocks and movements which means you will be undisturbed through the night.

  1. You will feel cool throughout the night

The open cell structure of latex will allow air to flow freely through it, keep the surface temperatures cool even in the hot weather.

  1. Latex is an extremely durable material

A latex mattress will be able to last for 10 years or more with proper care.

  1. Latex is an eco-friendly material

Hevea Brasiliensis or rubber tree is a renewable source of natural latex, one of Mimpi’s pillows prime raw materials. The tropical rubber tree plantations help to maintain our environment healthy and to eliminate CO2.

Cons of latex mattress

  1. Latex mattresses are expensive

This higher cost is justified by its durability. As we mentioned, latex mattresses last longer so the cost when averaged out through the years is pretty similar.

However, Mimpi’s mattress is different. We give you a very reasonable and affordable price for a luxury mattress which will help you sleep better.

Did you know that mattresses from other brands that also use latex cost 3x more expensive than Mimpi’s mattress?

  1. They are heavy

If you plan to move your mattress around regularly, you may find it a chore to carry a latex one.

Mimpi understands this, therefore we send our mattresses in a small box that is easily transported and moved.

Before going inside the box, Mimpi’s mattress is compressed so that the size becomes smaller and fit in the box. The mattress will expand by itself after you unbox it.

Mimpi mattresses only use the best quality natural latex

Mimpi spent years developing the perfect mattress for people in Indonesia by listening to their needs. Once Mimpi knew what the people need, they decided to produce a mattress with premium sleep materials from Europe and sell it online in Indonesia.

The top layer is always a premium 7 zones layer made from natural latex. Underneath this layer Mimpi Original and Mimpi Luxury have a premium layer of Memory Foam with the best density in the market.

The support foam of all models is also made from a high-density foam. High density stands for better quality and more expensive materials.

Mimpi did not save on costs and uses premium quality materials so you can buy a high-end luxury product online without any worries at an affordable price!


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