Kemampuan Membaca Menghilang Saat Bermimpi

Honey, You Cannot Read While Dreaming

October 20, 2018

A dream is an unconscious experience that involves our senses, such as vision, hearing, thoughts, and feelings, especially if we sleep and enter the REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

There are interesting facts about dreams, one of them is that we will lose our ability to read when we dream. If in a dream we find a book, paper or any written information, our brain will immediately translate the information without reading them. Another interesting fact is that there is no space-time movement because no one in a dream has ever seen clockwork.

Lots of interesting facts about a dream that is very unique. Even dreams often help someone to create great discoveries in the real world. For examples, there are Larry Page who created Google, James Watson with the idea of the double helix in DNA, and many other inventors.

A comfortable sleep experience will certainly help us to sleep well and experience even more beautiful dreams. A beautiful dream will certainly make us wake up with all the positive vibes that allow us to make our dreams come true.


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