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Sleep Satisfaction

November 06, 2018

In our previous article, we have mentioned the term sleep quality, and where there is quality there is also quantity. As it turns out, there is one more term that differs from the two, which contributes to information about one’s overall sleep health, namely Sleep Satisfaction.

Adapted from the Sleep website, sleep satisfaction is a subjective evaluation. This is based on the premise that when a person goes through the same sleeping ritual as someone else, the evaluation is done differently, according to each individual.

For example, a person can sleep for 8 hours every night, but when he wakes up he feels less satisfied with his sleep. As for someone else who sleeps only 4 hours but feels satisfied and can wake up feeling fit.

Another example, when someone who has been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, he can still be satisfied with his sleep experience. On the other hand, a person often feels anxious even when just closing his eyes may report dissatisfaction with his sleep experience even though he has no serious sleep problems. What it means is, sleep satisfaction is not always related to sleep problems experienced by a person.

Because this assessment is subjective and independent compared to the quality and quantity of sleep, when combined with other tests and assessments, sleep satisfaction can provide a more complete picture of overall sleep health. If you feel dissatisfied with your sleep, talk to sleep experts for any solution.


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