Kualitas Tidur Sama Dengan Kualitas Hidup

Sleeping Quality Equals Living Quality

April 15, 2018

Did you know that good or bad quality of sleep influences your quality of life? Everyone needs sleep to regain energy to be able to make daily activities. Though unfortunately, not everyone can get the best quality of sleep every night, and your mattress plays an important role.

Frank De Witte, Founder, and CEO of Mimpi mattress stated in a press conference, “Everyone uses the mattress 33 percent time in their lives to be able to regain energy the next day.” Therefore, everyone needs the best quality mattress. The mattress that provides comfort to kick in the good mood in the morning. “We found out that the most important element of a mattress is health, comfort, support, temperature, and durability,” says Frank.

A bad quality mattress doesn’t have that support system for your back and will cause discomfort while you sleep and eventually triggers back pains. Mimpi focuses on the development in lifestyle and sleeping technology for the better sleep quality and offers a premium quality foam mattress that’s affordable. Mimpi has officially launched its product in Jakarta on February 8, 2018.


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