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Sleep Deprivation Often Causes Physical Injuries

June 03, 2019

People of all ages have a high chance of getting a physical injury when they don’t have enough sleep. This has been concluded by researchers and epidemiologists. Those who have a lack of sleep have a higher risk of physical injury when carrying out their daily activities. For example, have you ever heard any story in a newspaper or television about an accident caused by a driver who is sleepy while driving a car?

An epidemiological study concluded that chronic insomniacs were 2.5 to 4.5 times more likely to have an accident. Older people with lack of sleep are more likely to experience fractures when they move.

Driving accidents while drowsy has caused thousands of lives to die each year and resulted in millions of car accidents on the road. Sleep deprivation that causes physical injury like this certainly causes a bad impact on patients and other people around them.

If you have symptoms of sleep deprivation because of difficulty sleeping at night, you should seek help and reevaluate what causes you to not be able to get some rest. Creating a conducive atmosphere for sleep is a good first step to try.


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