Lagu-lagu Pengantar Tidur dari Seluruh Dunia

Beautiful Lullabies from Around the World

February 05, 2021

“Nina bobo, oh nina bobo. Kalau tidak bobo, digigit nyamuk.”

Falling asleep is not always so simple for babies and toddlers. That’s why caretakers around the world sing sweet soothing bedtime songs. Different cultures certainly have their own lullabies. And even though they’re universal, they’re also unique at the same time.

Let’s see what the beautiful lyrics are about below.

Sofðu unga ástin mín (Tidurlah, Sayang kecilku) – Islandia

Sofðu unga ástin mín(Sleep, My Little Darling) – Iceland

Sofðu unga ástin mín. Úti regnið grætur.

Mamma geymir gullin þín, gamla leggi og völuskrín.

Við skulum ekki vaka um dimmar nætur.

Það er margt sem myrkrið veit, minn er hugur þungur.

Oft ég svarta sandinn leit, svíða grænan engireit.

Í jöklinum hljóða dauðadjúpar sprungur.


Sleep, my little darling, outside the rain is falling.

Mother rocks your little cradle, it’s already as old as stone.

Dream through the night into the day.

Everywhere there is darkness, my thoughts are heavy.

Ancient black sands blanket our fears.

We see our limits in the deep glacier cracks.

Hine E Hine (Anak perempuanku) – Selandia Baru

ine E Hine (My Daughter) – New Zealand

E tangi ana koe, hine e hine.

Kua ngenge ana koe, hine e hine.

Kati to pouri ra, noho i te aroha,

te ngakau o te matua, hine e hine.


You are crying, my daughter.

You are tired, my daughter.

Stop your sadness, there is love for you

In the heart of your father, my daughter.

Lala lala (Tidur tidur) – Iran

Lala lala (Sleep sleep) – Iran

Lala lala gole baghe beheshtam,

Lala lala to budi sarneveshtam,

Bekhab ei moonese rooh-o ravanam,

Bekhab ei bolbole shirin sabanam.


Bekhab ei djune shirin rahate del,

Tsho bolbol naghmesan dar sahate del,

Bekhab ei ghoncheie nashkofteie man,

Bekhab ei gohare nasofteie man.



Sleep sleep you flower of my paradise garden,

Sleep sleep you are my destiny,

Sleep, you confidant of my soul,

Sleep, you beautiful singing nightingale.


Sleep, you my sweet life,

Sleep, who serenades my soul like the nightingale,

Sleep, you my unopened bud,

Sleep, you uncut jewel.


Баюшки-баю, Bayushki-bayu (Tidur, Anakku, Tidur) – Russia

Баюшки-баю, Bayushki-bayu (Sleep, My Child, Sleep) – Russia

Спи, младенец мой прекрасный, Баюшки-баю.

Тихо смотрит месяц ясный В колыбель твою.

Стану сказывать я сказки, Песенку спою,

Ты ж дремли, закрывши глазки, Баюшки-баю.

Сам узнаешь, будет время, Бранное житье,

Смело вденешь ногу в стремя, И возьмешь ружье.

Я седельце боевое Шелком разошью, Спи, дитя мое родное, Баюшки-баю.


Sleep, my beautiful son, sleep my child (bayushki-bayu).

The moon looks down quietly into your cradle.

I’ll tell you fairy tales, sing you little songs,

But you must close your eyes and sleep, my child, sleep.

Someday, you must learn the soldier’s (Cossack’s) way of life,

You’ll take your rifle, and ride away from home.

I will sew you a fine saddle-cloth with colorful silk,

Sleep, my beloved, sleep, my child, sleep

Bissam, bissam baad’ne (Rock-a-bye, Rock-a-bye, Anak Kecil) – Norwegia

Bissam, bissam baad’ne (Rock-a-bye, Rock-a-bye, Little Child) – Norway

Bissam, bissam baad’ne,

gryta hængø i jod’ne,

koka full tå rjumegraut

åt dæ vesle baad’ne.

Far, han sittø og harpa kødn more,

ho blæsø saa vakkert hødn,

syste, ho sittø aa spinnø gull,

bror, han gaar i skogen,

jaga allø villø dyr.


Rock-a-bye, rock-a-bye, little child, the pot is on the stove,

Sour cream porridge is cooking for the little one.

Father is hulling the grains of wheat,

Mother is playing a beautiful tune on the horn,

Sister is sitting and spinning gold,

Brother is walking in the forest,

Hunting the wild animals.

Duérmete Mi Niño (Tidur, Anakku) – Venezuela

Duérmete Mi Niño (Sleep, My Child) – Venezuela

Duérmete mi niño,

que tengo qué hacer,

lavar los pañales sentarme a coser.

Este niño quiere que lo duerma yo.

Duermalo su madre que ella lo encargó.


Sleep, my child, I have much to do,

For I need to wash and sew the diapers.

This little child wants me to lull him to sleep.

But his mother should do this, she who gave him birth.

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