Langkah Sederhana untuk Membereskan Tempat Tidur agar Terlihat Sempurna!

Simple steps to make the perfect bed

July 26, 2020

Who doesn’t admire those perfect bedroom shown on the interior design magazines or websites or even on Pinterest? Comfy ambiance, no mess in sight, and most importantly perfect looking bed! While your own bedroom might not be featured in popular magazines, there’s no reason your bed can look as awesome as those in the magazines!

Follow our simple steps to make the perfect bed every morning!

Start with a good mattress

A high-quality mattress will give you the proper support and comfort it needs. Sleeping on an old or lumpy mattress can lead to problems from physical pain to poor sleep quality.

Mimpi have three awesome mattresses to help you get the perfect sleep you need:

  • Our best seller Mimpi Original
  • The budget-friendly Mimpi Ace
  • For maximum comfort Mimpi Luxury

All of our mattresses only use high-quality materials from Belgium, one of them is A-Grade Natural Latex – higher density and firmer.

Mimpi mattresses provide outrageous comfort that lasts forever for everyone.

Choose the right bedding

Cozy bedding is one of the keys to the perfect bedroom sanctuary. High-quality bed sheets can help you feel relaxed instantly when you crawl into bed and could have an impact on your overall sleep quality!

Mimpi mattresses come with a soft and durable luxurious knitted woven zip-cover that is easy to be removed and washed. Not only are our latex mattresses comfortable and supportive, but they are also easy to take care of, so you can enjoy better rest for years!

  • For more protection, you may use bed linen. Use plain sheets for a more luxurious look or patterned sheets for fun options. Ensure the linen is in the perfect length fitted your mattress size.
  • For extra comfort, you may put a layer of duvet or comforter. This is optional since those items are more suitable in a cold climate. The best alternative for Indonesian people is a blanket as it is thinner than the others.

Place your pillows (and other bed accessories)

Top off your beautiful bedding with some finishing touches that bring you joy! – pillows, bolsters, stuffed animals, etc. Don’t forget to place them neatly on your bed, preferably against the headboard.

Psst! Have you heard about Mimpi Pillows? They’ll give perfect support for your head and neck while you sleep, no matter what your sleeping position is and they’re great bed accessories! Currently, we have four types of pillows:

  • The micro-springs Mimpi Spagetti
  • The classic Mimpi Soap
  • The specifically designed Mimpi Contour
  • The extra comfy Mimpi Bolster

All of them were made of A-Grade natural latex from Belgium which makes them naturally hypoallergenic and has dust and mite resistant just like our mattresses. It’s everything you could ever ask for in a pillow: soft and plush, supportive and contouring, bouncy and durable!

Keeping it consistent

Imagine the enjoyment of entering your bedroom after a long tiring day that will “invites” you to lie down and relax in your perfect looking bed. A consistent morning routine (including making your bed) is the start of a successful day!

Start getting your best sleep with Mimpi Sleep today


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