Manfaat Stretching Setelah Bangun Tidur

Benefits of stretching after waking up

July 04, 2020

The alarm is ringing. You open your eyes and turn it off. You sit on the edge of your bed, and… What’s next? Stretch! Sometimes people do it unconsciously – it becomes their natural habit as soon as they wake up. But, is it necessary? Should I do it every morning? What are the benefits?

The science behind stretching

When you sleep, your muscles relax, your blood flow decreases, and your heart rate slows. If you are lying in the same position all night, your muscles tend to tighten up! Humans, like other animals, instinctively stretch after sleeping to get the blood flowing and “wake up” the muscles.

It helps with muscle tightness

Imagine how your body feels after sitting through a two-hour movie and how good it is to stretch your legs afterward. Now, multiply that stiffness by four and you’ll understand the importance of a stretch.

Stretching elongates the muscles, making them more flexible!

It helps with joint stiffness

After a long night of very little/no movement, joint stiffness is definitely a problem – especially when you slept in a cold room!

It eliminating the stiffness and pain in areas like your lower back, neck, arm, and knees while increasing flexibility in your joints.

It wakes your brain up

The brain is like a computer of our body – it controls every function including muscle movement, heart rate, and respiration. A morning stretch activates all those things to bring the brain back “online”.

It’s a powerful way to wake up your central nervous system even before you have your morning coffee.

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Let’s stretch daily!

Without that few minutes of stretching, you probably feel sluggish until afternoon. So, why not give your body a morning wakeup call instead? 10-15 minutes before breakfast is all you need after all!


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