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The Benefits of Sleeping Together With Your Loved Ones

July 01, 2021

One of the ways to maintain your mental and physical health is to apply a healthy lifestyle pattern and also maintain a decent amount of sleep. Quality of sleep can impact the quality of physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can definitely distract your daily activities. Other than having a healthy lifestyle you need to balance it with scheduling your sleeping hour, getting a good quality of sleep is actually possible when sleeping together with your loved ones. 

According to a study that is quoted from a Psychological Science journal, sleeping together with your loved ones can increase your quality of sleep and make you sleep more sleeplessly and later wake up the next day feeling energized. In that study, the experts analyzed whether smelling the scent of your loved ones can affect your quality of sleep. 

The answer is yes, the scent of your loved ones is proven to increase the quality of sleep and make it better and it will help increase your efficiency and benefit of sleep. 


Sleeping Together with your loved ones, why not? These are the benefits of sleep that you’ll get!

1. Increase oxytocins hormones 

Oxytocin hormones or known as the “love” hormone is one of the hormones that is produced by the brain and triggers the feeling of relaxation, empathy, and even decreases anxiety. Doing physical contact or touching someone that you love definitely increases the production of oxytocin, including when you spend time sleeping together on the bed. 

When sleeping together, you and your partner will feel safe and of course help, you sleep faster because oxytocin creates a strong effect on your life. 

2. Strengthen Relationship Bonds

The pillow talk or conversation that is done on the bed while being with your partner before or after sleep is valued to have significant benefits of sleep and strengthen the relationship bonds, especially with your partner. This can be achieved when you sleep together with your partner. Pillow talk before and after sleeping can be one to communicate with one another. Your significant other that is sleeping together will overcome a special communication that can be done without the distraction from the kids of work. 

3. Create You to Sleep Thoroughly

The feeling of comfort that you get when sleeping with your loved ones can make you sleep thoroughly. Experts stated that women sleep more peacefully when with their partners. The same goes for women, men also sleep peacefully when sleeping with their partners. Sleep peacefully can also mean sleep thoroughly with minimum movement and sleep without snoring. 

4. Decreases Stress

One way of stress management coach and holistic therapist named Catherine A. Connors said that physical contact with your partner can decrease stress. Physical contact that is meant to hug, kiss and sleep with your partner can increase your oxytocin hormones. “The first chemical reaction that is caused can help decrease blood pressure therefore it can decrease the risk of a heart attack and decrease anxiety”, says her. 

5. Fixed Communication with Your Partner

Touch or physical contact is one way to show emotions like the feeling of love and the feeling of appreciation and sympathy with your partner. Happiness or sadness is often expressed with touch. According to one of the marriage therapists from Chicago, David Klow said that many couples wanted to be understood. Having good communication is one of the ways to express your empathy and understanding. 

Klow suggested one-way communication can be done non-verbally. This way is one of the best ways to tell your partner that you understand what your partner is feeling. Klow also suggests sleeping with your partner during the night and hugging is one of the good benefits of sleeping together positions. 


These Are a Few Recommendations for Sleeping With Your Partner 

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There are a lot of benefits of sleeping together positions that you can try with your partner, although there is one position that is most recommended from the experts which are spooning. Spooning can make you or your partner sleep like the spoon where you hug your partner from the back. According to the experts, spooning can decrease stress and increase intimacy. 

Not only spooning, sleeping together positions when your partner is on the armpit or known as the Loose Spoon can also be an option. Just like the meaning of the word loose spoon, the position doesn’t require you to have physical contact. A lot of couples chose this sleeping together position not thinking about the emotional touch but prioritizing a better quality of sleep.

Through a loose spoon position, sleeping together positions doesn’t require hugging or being on top of each other. You and your partner can breathe freely, not sweltering, and lounge freely. 

A few couples probably feel anxious because their partner often sleeps while not facing them or simply just too far from them. Try to communicate with your partner what sleeping together position is most comfortable for both of you so that you can sleep comfortably.


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Mimpi mattress is made out of latex material and responsive memory foam, the memory foam acts as a high durability mattress that is adaptive, and it lasts for a long time. Every layer of Mimpi mattress has its own purposes and will definitely give support and full comfort that is needed by your body. 

A Mimpi mattress is going to give off a good sleep for your partner and the best sleeping experience. Own your Mimpi mattress now and get a discount of up to 25% and free latex pillows (terms and conditions apply). 

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