Manfaat Tidur Tanpa Busana Bagi Kesehatan Seksual Anda

Benefits of Sleep Naked for Your Sexual Health

June 18, 2019

Did you know that 30% of adults through research prefer to sleep without clothes at night? They say
that naked while sleeping makes them feel free and makes them sleep better. According to various
scientific studies, the health benefits of sleeping naked are numerous. Sleeping naked can increase
the balance of hormones in the body and benefit your sexual health.

Sleeping without clothes can protect women from infections that may occur in the vaginal area. As
you probably already know, bacteria thrive in warm and humid environments, especially in women
who are prone to vaginal infections.

Nicole Prause, an associate research scientist at the University of California Los Angeles, spoke to the
Medical Daily and revealed that when women sleep naked, air circulation in the sex organs becomes
better and keeps them away from the possibility of bacterial infections.

Sleeping without clothes can also increase male virility by keeping the testicles cool. Because when
men wear tight pants, their testicles will heat up and reduce the amount of sperm production.


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