Mengenal Serangga Kasur atau Bed Bug

Learn More about Bed Bug

February 19, 2019

In addition to fleas and scabies that are likely to be found on dirty mattresses, one of the most
common insects found on dirty mattresses is bed bugs. Bed bugs are insects that are in a dirty
mattress which daily eats from the blood of the mattress user.

Usually, bed bugs are carried by pets that are free to enter the room in a dirty state or rarely bathed.
The process of breeding bed bugs is faster than fleas, so this type of insect is very dangerous.
Besides that, bed bugs are one of the insects that will be difficult to eradicate because bed bugs are
very resistant to all types of pesticides and only certain types of pesticides can eradicate them. In
America, usually if a house is known to have bed bugs, they will call the CDC (Center of Disease
Control) service to check and make an inspection to their home.

Therefore, keep the mattress clean and stay away from the pets from your bed. If the cleanliness of the
room and mattress are neglected, then the insects will land and nest there and cause disease for you.


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