“Mimpi” dan Kasur Lateks Kualitas Premium

“Mimpi” and Premium Quality Latex Mattress

March 11, 2018

INDUSTRY.co.id – Jakarta – Mimpi, a lifestyle, and technology startup that focuses on sleep quality has just launched the latest product with the same brand name, Mimpi mattress, Thursday (8/9). The mattress technology was developed in Belgium, and produced in Indonesia.

Mimpi mattress has four layers of quality materials, namely Mimpi Latex Foam, pressure-relief foam and memory foam that follows your body shape to give the support for your posture, high-resilience foam that can stop a movement of motion, and a firm and durable base foam that provides the ideal hardness on the mattress.

Mimpi’s founder and CEO, Frank De Witte, stated to Industry.co.id that he has conducted in-depth research using sophisticated technology. “All of the materials used are carefully chosen to ensure our consumers can get the perfect balance while sleeping, regardless of body type or sleep style,” he said. Mimpi mattresses are sold online through the official website www.mimpi.co.id with prices ranging from IDR 2.8 million to IDR 9 million.

The Mimpi mattress has an innovative vacuum-like compression technology, which allows the mattress to fold into small sizes and put in a specific-sized box. This certainly facilitates the delivery process. “If the mattress arrives in a box, don’t panic, we know what we’re doing”, De Witte closed his statement.


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