“Mimpi”: Kasur Mewah Terjangkau Baru Di Indonesia

“MIMPI”: The New Affordable High Quality Mattress in Indonesia

April 10, 2018

Mimpi is a new company working in the field of technology and lifestyle. It uses Belgium- developed technology for its product, Mimpi Mattress, which was designed in Indonesia. What comes to mind when you’re looking for a bed? First, you take a walk around the showroom, try each and every one of the most desired mattresses that could possibly drain your cash immediately, and when you meet “the one”… arise the complicated packaging and shipping process.

Frank De Witte, the founder, and CEO of the company was inspired by his unfortunate experience when he bought a mattress in Indonesia. He developed the idea of creating a brand of new affordable luxury mattress. His company, Mimpi, has launched its first product at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta Diponegoro.

Production is carried out in Jakarta began two years ago with locally made materials and high-quality covers imported from Belgium. What’s so unique about the idea is, Mimpi only sells its mattress products online in Indonesia. This actually maintains the low price of the product.

There are four layers that perfect the Mimpi Mattress. First, latex foam which gives the perfect rotation and keeps the body cool at night. The second layer underneath is the pressure-relieving foam and memory foam layers that follow the body’s contours and provide perfect support for the posture. Lastly, a firm-support base foam that gives an ideal level of firmness to the mattress. Another excellence in product design, Mimpi designed the removable zipper, the cover can also be stretched so that it is easy to clean.

In terms of quality, Mimpi Mattress puts forward five main functions of a mattress; health, comfort, support, temperature, and durability. “We want to bring the ideal mattress that contours perfectly with your body and ensure you to feel refreshed and energized every time you wake up in the morning,” De Witte said.

This high-quality mattress has been tried by several professional athletes in Belgium and received tremendous feedback. It has even received its first award: The Asia Pacific Stevie Award of Excellence in Innovation in Consumer Product & Service Industries.

Not only prioritizing the mattress products, but Mimpi also facilitates the packaging and shipping process. With a high-tech compression system, a king size mattress can be folded to half its original size, then packed into a specific sized box, and ship it to your doorstep. Oh, the simplicity.

Now, you’re probably wondering about its actual form and worry that what you expected may not be real. Not being able to see the product directly might trouble your decision-making. However, Mimpi gave a 100-night free trial opportunity, and with this De Witte felt very confident in the success of his product. If in the first 100 nights you feel it’s not the one for you, the company will have it returned and you can request for a full refund if you want.


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