“Mimpi”, Toko Kasur Khusus Online

“Mimpi”, Online Mattress Shop

July 13, 2018

MIMPI, an online technology startup based in Jakarta officially sells luxury mattresses on February 8 after a soft launch in March 2017. After experiencing the hassles of buying mattresses in offline stores, Mimpi’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Frank De Witte was motivated to start this business. He said that Mimpi had made 300 sales since the soft launch, and most of his customers were from Jakarta and Bandung.


“In 2017, we started our business. Technology and products are ready, but we need to develop an online platform such as a website, to be able to sell our products. During the soft launch, our growth in sales was slow and I thought our site didn’t meet my needs, so I made a new one.”


For De Witte, the development of the site was a big challenge and he was relieved and felt proud that the official products and sites were ready for the wider Indonesian market by creating a stronger marketing strategy.


“We connect very closely with our buyers by receiving feedbacks and building close relationships with them, which is also part of our marketing strategy.” De Witte explained that Mimpi was funded internally, and he only invested in marketing campaigns for Jakarta and Bandung. He also invested in product development such as for the site and products, but marketing is the main focus for now.


He told Digital News Asia in a previous interview that Mimpi would expand his reach to Malaysia and Singapore. However, De Witte wishes to focus on the Indonesian market for now and establish a steady growth in the first sale.


Mimpi now has two people who run the company, De Witte himself and a marketing manager who handles customer questions and relationships. He outsourced IT and manufacturing.


About the company’s challenges, De Witte said that Mimpi needed to compete with existing offline stores and he needed to educate the market about mattresses. He plans to sell his products in online companies such as Lazada and Tokopedia when he is ready. “Through an online approach, we can cut off intermediary elements (distributors) in the supply chain and ensure that we serve our customers directly and meet their needs,” he said.


Mimpi now sells four types of mattresses depending on the amount of foam lining used. “We used to only sell ‘4L (four layers)’ mattresses, but now we provide mattresses one to four layers of foam.”


Prices for Mimpi mattresses range from US$ 190 to US$ 873 with free shipping. Mimpi mattress has compression technology like the vacuum, and this makes it easy to store in a specific sized box, then ready for delivery.


Regarding the shipment of goods, De Witte said that he was optimizing the shipping process

through collaboration with Shipper.id, logistics players. Mimpi mattresses are sold exclusively online through the www.mimpi.co.id website.


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