Olahan Ikan Bantu Tidur Menjadi Lebih Baik

Fresh Fish Helps Sleep More Soundly

October 22, 2018

Diet and the type of food consumed certainly affect the health of the body. Not only it is beneficial for our health, but good food with the types of nutrients in it can also have an impact on your comfort of sleep. Processed fish is one of the good sources of nutrients someone can have.

Processed fish contain vitamin B6 which can help pineal gland in the brain to produce the melatonin hormone. The benefits of melatonin for the body are believed to help control sleep patterns. The more melatonin on your body when you fall asleep, the better you sleep at night.

Saltwater fish is a type of fish that is very good for consumption because it has enough melatonin. Examples of recommended saltwater fish are herring, halibut, salmon and tuna. Make sure the type of saltwater fish that will be processed is still fresh. The freshness of the fish is indicated by the redness of the gill and the elasticity of its body when pressed.

Therefore, let’s increase the consumption of fresh processed saltwater fish so that the body can produce a lot of melatonin for a good night’s sleep.


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