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Understanding Mattress Layers

May 26, 2018

Don’t rush when you’re looking for the perfect mattress. It’s wise to understand the types of layers that makes a comfortable mattress. There are four important layers to provide comfort, health, coolness, support, and durability.

First layer, a latex foam. It’s to keep your body cool all night when you sleep.

Second layer, the memory foam which is important for supporting body posture because it serves as a pressure reliever and it adjusts to the shape of the body.

The next layer is high resilience foam to stop body movements when sleeping.

And as a base layer, of course it must be firm-support to provide the ideal level of hardness and make the mattress durable.

Introducing the newest premium mattress brand in Indonesia, Mimpi Mattress. Produced in Indonesia by a startup company called Mimpi that focuses on sleep quality, this mattress was created based on technology developed in Belgium. Mimpi is the first mattress firm who sells its products online. Various policies have been mobilized by the company to attract markets, such as a 10-year guarantee and a free trial period of 100 nights.


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