Pakaian Dari Serat Alami Lebih Nyaman Untuk Tidur

Natural Fibers Are More Comfortable For Sleeping

June 15, 2019

One of the obstacles for people who try to sleep at night is maintaining their body temperature. The
room and mattress that produce heat can make us sweat and wake up at night. However, if we
already have the best latex mattress from Mimpi and already adjusts the room temperature to keep
it cool throughout the night, it would be wise if we would also wear the best sleepwear we have.

The material that can be used to get the best sleep experience is clothing made from natural fibers.
On the contrary, if you wear synthesis clothing, your body heat will be trapped and make you sweat
at night.

One of the natural fibers is clothing made from cotton. Cotton fabric is the ideal fabric for
sleeping, because it is lightweight and comfortable, helping you stay comfortable. Besides cotton,
linen can also be an option for sleepwear. The most popular clothing made from natural fiber for
your nightwear is silk. Silk is chosen to be the best the material because silk is very light, cool and
very soft.


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