Pembelian Kasur Online Pertama Di Indonesia, PT. Mimpi Indah Indonesia

Buyout of Indonesia’s First Online Mattress Brand PT Mimpi Indah Indonesia

December 27, 2017

JAKARTA, December 27, 2017. PT Mimpi Indah Indonesia, a pioneering online luxury mattress brand based in Jakarta today announced that it has taken over the shares of Mr Sven Vervaert and that Mr Sven Vervaert makes no longer part of the company.

The buyout follows the recent launch of the brand in 2017. As the company’s goal remains the same: to provide its customers with incredible, premium, long-lasting mattresses that offer comfortable sleep at an affordable price. 

“We are fully committed to delivering to our original promise: to offer affordable luxury to all our customers and educate them on ways to improve their quality of life,” says founder/investor Frank. “Mimpi targets the young, techy and fun-loving people who care about their lifestyle and want to improve their environment in order to have a better quality of life.”

According to Frank, Mimpi aims to disrupt the mattress industry in Indonesia by providing customers with a product that makes their life easier and simpler.

“Through our online-only approach, we are able to cut out the middlemen in our supply chain, ensuring that we serve our customers directly and personally” Frank declares, adding that Mimpi constantly built, tested and took feedback from real people to create a mattress that everyone can enjoy sleeping on.

“Now that we have created the ultimate mattress, our focus is on offering our customers friendly service, low prices and a positive purchasing experience.” The founder concludes.

Inception of the idea of a perfect mattress brand

Frank, a Belgian, decided to move to Indonesia after getting married with an Indonesian wife and experienced difficulties trying to find a good mattress for his new house. In the process, he saw the need to step in and develop a mattress brand that would fill the gap, and make the buying process an easy and hassle-free experience. That’s how he came up with Indonesia’s first online mattress brand.  

About Mimpi Indah Indonesia

Mimpi  is a new luxury mattress brand sold exclusively online in Indonesia. The four-layer mattress features a comfort layer with a latex feel, also called ‘Mimpi Foam’; combined with memory foam and a high-resilience foam on top of a durable base foam.

Mimpi’s compression technology allows them to vacuum compress the mattress and to deliver it in a box. The brand offers a high-quality mattress at an affordable price by cutting out the middleman through its online B2C approach. Additionally, the company offers a 10-year warranty, 100-nights free trial and free delivery.


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