Peneliti Ungkapkan Alasan Untuk Tidur

Researchers Reveal Reasons for Sleep

May 30, 2019

Through research by several scientists, there are several popular hypotheses as to why humans need time to rest and sleep every day at night. Some of these hypotheses include:

  • Sleep gives the brain an opportunity to rearrange data, help find solutions to problems, process information that has just been learned and organize and archive memory.
  • Sleep is one of the important activities to do because sleep lowers a person’s metabolic rate and energy consumption.
  • The cardiovascular system also gets rest during sleep. Researchers have found that people with high or normal blood pressure experience a 20-30% decrease in blood pressure and a 10-20% decrease in heart rate.
  • During sleep, the body has the opportunity to repair the muscles, body tissues, and skin cells so they do not experience aging.
  • Growth hormone released during deep sleep. Therefore, early children need adequate sleep so that their brain can function properly and experience good development.


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