Pengaruh Kasur terhadap Kenyamanan Tidur dan Kesehatan

Selection of Mattresses Affects Sleep Comfort and Health

May 10, 2018

After a long day full of activities outside, it would be nice to stop for a while and take some time to rest and have enough sleep at night. But some people might encounter sleep problem if they wake up and feel a little bit fatigued. Beware, it might be one of the sign that you have the bad mattress for your sleep and maybe it’s time to consider replacing your mattress.

Sleep Comfort is Important

Whatever activity you do every day, sleep is a basic need for everyone. Especially when your daily activity requires so much energy to concentrate and excellent body condition. Excellent body condition is obtained by adequate nutrition and sleep. Good sleep quality can be obtained with sufficient and comfortable sleep.


Choosing the Right Mattress

So how do you choose the right and comfortable mattress for your sleep? Some people certainly recommend trying out the mattress first before they buy it. But rarely and almost no shop provides a special room to try the mattress privately. So, in the end, we will only have limited experience to try them in a display room.

The first step we can do is to choose a manufacturer that can give us a certain period of time to try the mattress personally. Don’t worry because here at Mimpi, we offer 100 days of a free trial period with full money – back as a guarantee.

Nowadays, the best material to make your sleep comfortable is pure latex. Mattresses that have pure latex base material are recommended because they can support the body and adjust it to your body shape.  However, this pure latex mattress is hard to find and if you can find it available in store, the price will be very expensive. This problem can be overcome by choosing a mattress made from pure latex and a combination of memory foam, high resilience foam and support foam which is of course offered by Mimpi to you to achieve good sleep quality.


Good Sleep Pattern

Another important factor in creating good sleep quality is the right sleep pattern. A good sleep pattern is where you can sleep without interruption for 7 hours every day. If the benefits of sleeping 7 hours a day are supported by a perfect mattress from Mimpi,  you can be sure that your health and enthusiasm will increase when you wake up in the morning before starting all the activities. You can achieve more in one day because you have excellent body condition and your positive vibes will help you interact well with your family and colleagues.

At the end of the day, a mattress is one of the important things that have a significant influence on one’s comfort and health. With a 100 days trial period, full money back guarantees and a mixture of pure latex, memory foam, high resilience and support foam, the mattress offered by Mimpi is the best solution to get the perfect sleep quality when it combines with your good sleep pattern.


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