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The Importance of Sleep

June 15, 2021

Sleeping is one of the most common activities that is often used and most definitely became the foundation for having a good sleep both physically and mentally. Sleeping plays an important role in our everyday life because sleeping can keep our productivity. Has it ever crossed your mind to know how to sleep comfortably and why is it very important? Here’s the answer to your question.

The Importance of Sleep That Can Impact Your Health

Sleeping is very important for your health. When keeping your mental and physical health, your quality of sleep also plays an important role. Having an ideal sleeping hour can help boost your productivity on a daily basis, the importance of sleep can also help give a positive impact for your health and good sleep. Below are the following benefits on how to sleep correctly and get benefits for your health. 

1. Sleeping Can Help Maintain a Healthy Heart 

Taken from Verywell Health, having a decent amount of sleeping hours can help avoid risk of heart attack, including high blood pressure that is caused by various cases and strokes that always happen in the morning and is caused by how we sleep and interact with the blood circulation. Having a bad sleeping hour can be caused by a bad blood pressure and cholesterol, which is one of the main factors of heart attack and stroke. Ideally, the best time to sleep your heart can be healthy when you get 7-9 hours to sleep every night. This indicates one of the most important factors on how to sleep efficiently. 

2. Sleeping Early Can Boost Your Immunity 

Your immunity system will produce a substance called cytokine when you sleep. Cytokine will eventually protect your immunity. Immunity in your body is very important to fight off infections and also inflammation. If you have a bad sleeping schedule, the amount of cytokine in your body won’t be enough to protect your body from various viruses and influenza. This also highlights the importance of sleep, by not sleeping early it also increases the level of substance that is the cause of inflammation in your body. This is the same as when you ever experience an allergic reaction or asthma. 

3. Sleeping Can Help Your Body to Regenerate Itself 

Sleeping is one of the times to relax and allow your body to fix its damages that are caused by stress, UV light and other exposure to other dangerous substances. All the cells in your body will produce more protein when sleeping. This protein molecule is creating blocks that create cells; therefore, they are able to regenerate damaged cells. 

4. Sleeping Can Help You to Obtain Your Body Weight

When you have a bad sleeping schedule, your body can change hormones that schedule your appetite and hunger. Those hormones are called Leptin and Ghrelin. Both hormones play an important role including controlling and keeping your appetite. If we don’t have enough sleeping hours, then Ghrelin will increase and yet the Leptin will decrease, which will cause you to get hungry easily. Other than that, sleeping can help influence your body to process and keep carbs, therefore it became one of the importance of sleep and has become one of the highlights on how to sleep correctly for your health.

5. Sleeping Can Help Increase Your Mood

Having a limited sleeping schedule can cause you to have difficulty concentrating, stress and be easily irritated and impatient. This can cause your mood to be messed up and eventually makes you lose focus to do your daily activity. How to sleep with the right set of moods, that’s why having a good set of moods has become one of the main factors to understand the importance of sleep.

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Sleeping Comfortably Every Night

Various studies stated that having a lack of sleep can affect your ways of thinking, concentration and ability to work. Try to remember the main importance of sleep, because if it's uncontrollable and you keep on doing it for a long period of time, lack of sleep can disturb your health. After knowing about the importance of sleep, below are the ways you can sleep thoroughly that you can apply in your daily life. 

1. Create Sleeping Schedule

Other ways to compensate for the importance of sleep is to start having a good sleep on the time schedule that is repeated routinely, it will be beneficial to help your brain and body alarm be activated naturally. To make it easier, you need to be in control of your sleeping schedule even when it is on the weekend. This way you will have a decent sleeping schedule and help you obtain good sleep every day. Don’t forget to create a good sleeping environment that is comfortable and try adjusting the light that is dim so that your body can rest entirely. 

2. Avoid watching TV or work in the bedroom

Other ways to have a good sleep is to avoid watching TV or working in the bedroom. It's better that before going to bed, you should avoid working in the bedroom so that you can relax. You are also advised to ‘forget’ for a moment about your thoughts that have any correlation with work deadlines. Avoid any electronic devices like TV and Handphone from the bedroom so that you won’t be tempted that easily to open social media or be stuck in an online world. 

3. Avoid coffee or cigarette before sleeping

As you know, coffee contains a caffeine substance that can cause you to feel sleepy. Same goes with the caffeine substance that you can find in cigarettes, both chemicals can decrease the quality of sleep that you should definitely obtain.

4. Avoid Consuming Heavy Meals During Sleeping Hour 

Consuming heavy meals can make your digestive systems work hard and it can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. If you feel hungry at night, you can outsmart by consuming food that is light like milk, biscuit or even cereal. To have a good sleep, minimize your eating period such as one hour before bed. 

5. Pay attention on Your Sleeping Environment 

Other ways of having a good sleep is by creating a comfortable sensation in your bedroom and can help you to have a good sleep. Pay attention to your bedroom space and your mattress. Choose a mattress according to what you need, if you have difficulty with back pain, then a mattress that is made out of latex is very recommended because not only that is very good for your health but it validates its core value, which is spreading awareness on the importance of sleep. 

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The basic value of Mimpi is to spread awareness on the importance of sleep, prioritizing health, luxury and comfort. Mimpi can give you the best sleeping experience you will ever have. Our mission is to provide you with a good sleep. So, do you think it’s the right time to refresh your memory and body to start living a healthy lifestyle, more productive and healthier. 

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