Pilih Kasur Nyaman? Cobalah Tidur Dibagian Tengahnya.

Comfort Above Embarrassment

July 31, 2018

Buying a bed means investing in health. Because physical health depends on sleep quality, it’s advisable not to choose spring mattresses because the spring loosens quickly, especially when used frequently. In addition, spring mattresses would eventually threatens physical health because the empty space between the springs can accumulate dust and eventually invites mites.

When you visit a showroom and want to try a mattress, try lying in the middle, where we sleep, and don’t sit on the edge. This was stated by Frank De Witte, founder and CEO of a startup company that ventured into technology and lifestyle called Mimpi, which focuses on sleep quality.

“The edge of the mattress is different from the center and does not reflect this mattress as a whole,” he said. No need to be shy about trying something that can guarantee our health in the future, because thanks to trying, we understand better the different functions and types of mattresses on the market.


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