Posisi Tidur Ketika Sakit Punggung Menyerang

Sleeping Position When Back Pain Strikes

November 19, 2018

Back pain is a very common thing and often affects men and women. This back pain can occur at all ages. Sleeping in an inappropriate position can also make the back become sore after waking up in the morning. However, the right sleeping position can cure back pain.

If your sleep position is usually tilted or sideways, you need to change your sleeping position to be supine and the body becomes perpendicular to the roof of your home. Sleeping in the supine position can help heal your back pain faster.

At first, you may not feel used and comfortable doing it, but this position can really help relieve back pain. Also, make sure that your mattress supports your entire body well and spreads heavy points to the entire surface of the mattress as done by a latex mattress from Mimpi. This is useful so that your body position remains straight during sleep.


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