Praktekkan Jurnal untuk Meredam Kecemasan

Practice the Journal to Reduce Anxiety

June 06, 2019

Some people have very active brain performance so they often have difficulty to fall asleep at night.
This difficulty in sleeping is due to their thoughts constantly spinning when they want to sleep. Based
on the research that has been done, this can cause stress and anxiety which then produces negative

Through research conducted by experts to 41 students, writing your thoughts on a daily journal can
reduce anxiety and stress before going to bed at night. Research has shown that share your thoughts
through a journal and focusing on your positive thoughts can calm your mind and help you sleep

If you experience the same thing, you should spend a little time, at least 15 minutes before going to
bed to write down your anxiety on your daily journal. Writing down some positive events that occur
during the day can make you feel grateful and bring you happiness. In addition, it is also important to
focus not only on the positive events of the day but also on how you feel at that time. Activities to
express our feelings in a daily journal can make you more calm and relaxed. Even sleeping will be


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