Praktikan Sleep Hygiene Saat Tidur

Practice Your Sleep Hygiene During Sleep

May 27, 2019

Sleep Hygiene is a term that includes rituals, behaviors, habits, and rules that are followed by someone to be able to sleep. If you always having sleepless night due to work and then plan to use your weekend to sleep is one of examples  of very bad sleep hygiene.

Good sleep hygiene is when someone determines their sleep patterns and schedules every day and avoid caffeine at night. If you always have too many activities during the day, you often feel tired and overwhelmed after staying up late, you might need to get back to your senses and re-evaluate your sleep patterns. If your sleep pattern is messy, you need to improve it by practicing steps to sleep hygiene.

This practice of sleep hygiene is one part of cognitive-behavioral therapy for people with sleep problems and usually intended for people with insomnia. The most important elements of sleep hygiene are:

  • Bedroom temperature must not be too hot or too cold
  • The darker your bedroom, the better your sleep will be
  • Learn to relax before going to bed.
  • Have a mattress with a smooth and cool surface, such as a mattress provided by Mimpi.


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