Proteksi Kasur Anda Dari Serangan Alergi

Protect Your Mattress from Allergens

October 27, 2018

Having sensitive skin sometimes makes someone have to do extra activities when choosing material to choose for the right mattress or when they have to clean it. From the many types of mattresses, a pure latex mattress from Mimpi is the most perfect mattress for those of you who have sensitive skin and are susceptible to allergies.

A simple way to protect your mattress from allergens is to always clean and replace your bedding regularly. Wash bed sheets and pillowcases with warm water from various dust that may be attached.

Aside from washing clean the pillowcase and bed linen, you should also keep the room temperature where you sleep. Make sure that the room always in normal or cool temperatures. Hot temperatures will cause insects or bacteria to move and develop on the mattress or on other surfaces.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the whole room, especially if you have a carpet in your bedroom. Maintaining cleanliness is a simple solution that can prevent us from getting allergic. Have you cleaned your bed sheets and pillowcases this week?


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