Sakit Punggung dan Kram Kaki pada Ibu Hamil

Back Pain and Foot Cramps during Pregnancy

August 01, 2018

In the last trimester of pregnancy can make a woman frustrated about her sleep problem because it seems that almost all sleeping positions won’t fit. These are 2 major sleep problems that happen to women during pregnancy:

Back pain

Back pain is a common thing during pregnancy in the final trimester. About 70% of pregnant women will experience back pain, especially if the baby is a twin. The weight of the baby that continues to increase in the womb causes gravity to shift the pressure point and affects the posture of the mother. Pregnant woman’s lower back area will be forced more backward to support the weight of the fetus.

Foot Cramps

In addition to back pain, foot cramps are the second biggest problem during pregnancy. Blood vessels in the legs cannot function well during pregnancy. This causes a problem with blood circulation to your legs. Foot cramps are things that definitely will happen even though you do not carry out heavy activities.

Perfect Mattress for Pregnant Women

What are the right solutions to make a pregnant woman sleep comfortably? The easiest way to overcome this sleep problem is to choose the right mattress that can support your body shape.

It is not a secret that a mattress that has a smooth and soft surface can help you sleep better during the night because it can help relieve your back pain. However, the mattress also should not be too soft because the stomach area will be pushed down more by gravity, so it could affect the mother’s back. So, besides being soft, the mattress must have a strong support.

The perfect mattress material to provide support for your back is the memory foam. Besides that, pure latex mattresses are also the perfect choice. This material will follow the body shape of pregnant women. The solution to sleep problems that happen for pregnant women can be answered with the mattress offered by Mimpi. A great combination of pure latex, memory foam, high resilience foam, and support foam make the best sleep experience during pregnancy.

Pure latex combination with smooth surface could provide space for air to circulate so that the mattress feels cooler. Mimpi offers mattress that can be removed from its cover so you can have it cleaned regularly. This is definitely good news for women who develop sensitive skin during pregnancy. The cover of the mattress offered by Mimpi is specifically designed and knitted using the best material in Belgium.

Mimpi offers very affordable price comparing to other brands with similar quality and offers 100-free trial period so that each customer can prove the quality of mattresses they bought themselves. If you find the quality of a mattress offered by Mimpi is not as fulfilling as we promised, you can return the mattress and we will give you 100% full money back.


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