Selesaikan Deadline Tugas dengan Tidur Siang

Little Bit Nap is Good To Complete Your Deadline

February 05, 2022

Many people out there consume coffee daily. One reason these people drink coffee because coffee contains caffeine and caffeine helps them stay awake to complete their deadlines. But can consumption of caffeine in coffee be the only solution for this?

Coffee consumption which is done continuously will cause an addiction. Usually, these people then drink coffee daily and turn it as their lifestyle. There are actually other techniques to stay awake and help us to be more excited about completing tasks throughout the day.

The trick is to take a maximum of 30 minutes of nap each day. When sleeping for 30 minutes, we allow our motor function to return to work better and make us have the spirit and energy to complete the remaining activities.

One hour break from the office can be used to eat in the first 30 minutes and take a nap for the last 30 minutes. Nowadays large offices, for example, Google makes a special room for its workers to take a nap. Are you also ready to change your caffeine consumption by taking a nap?


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