Startup Berikan Coba Gratis Kasur Premium Selama 100 Malam

This Startup Allows 100 Nights Of Free Trial Its Premium Mattress

September 01, 2018

Do you feel sleep is important? Physical and mental health is determined by sleep quality. Regardless of our evening rituals, you should start paying attention to things that make sleep quality better. This certainly includes the choice of mattress.


The National Sleep Foundation held a poll stating that 92% of people admitted a comfortable mattress was very important for a good night’s sleep. There is nothing wrong if we have to be selective about choosing the quality of the mattress, for quality sleep too.


But what are the criteria for a quality mattress? Comfortable is a must, which is what does not make the back hurt. In addition, it must be soft enough to follow the contours and movements of the body. And the last is that which is effective against bacteria in order to reduce the risk of health problems.


These advantages happen to exist in Mimpi Mattress, a new brand from a new startup with the same name. Mimpi Mattress is a premium quality mattress that is sold at affordable prices, which was created based on research and observation of the CEO, Frank De Witte. He had experienced difficulties finding a bed for his house when he moved to Indonesia.


FIMELA had a chance to experience the quality of the mattress during the product launching event at DoubleTree by Hilton. The foam is soft, consists of four quality layers and all the materials used to build this mattress are premium quality from Belgium.


Affordable prices are the advantages of its online sales, but that would also mean we can’t see and feel the product directly. Not to worry, because Mimpi gives a 100 nights free trial period and a 10-year warranty. If in this period of 100 nights customers do not feel there is a match with Mimpi Mattress, the product may be returned to the company and 100% cash back. The price range of Mimpi mattress starts from Rp 2,800,000 to Rp 11,800.00 (depending on type and size of the selected mattress).


The packaging is also unique because of its vacuum-like compression technology which deflates the mattress so it can be folded. The compressed mattress is then put into a specific sized box and ready to deliver to your doorstep.


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