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February 20, 2018

Mimpi is a startup company that uses e-commerce as its platform to market its mattress under the same name, Mimpi. It’s founded by a Belgian named Frank De Witte. Mimpi team has done research and development for premium quality mattress and claims its mattress to be “revolutionary”. The mattress materials are imported from Belgium, though the construction of the mattress is done in Indonesia.

Frank’s horrible experience in buying a mattress in Indonesia is the idea behind the startup. Walking around the mattress exhibition, followed around by salesperson who explained information that they barely understood themselves, offered discounts that doesn’t give a significant value, and laying down on the mattresses trying them one by one in a short period of time that only made decision-making difficult.

“Everyone spends 33 percent of their lives in bed. They don’t need to spend too much money just for a mattress, but they need enough information of the purchase,” says Frank during the launch of the product in The Double Tree, Thursday (8/2/2018).

Selling Online

Mimpi choose to sell its product online so that they can connect with the customers. According to its calculations, companies can sell their products one third cheaper than the usual prices charged by physical stores. This is due to the absence of the distributor.

“Our dream is to sell affordable premium quality mattress,” says Frank, who also believes good quality sleep doesn’t have to be expensive.

With its compression technology that mimics the vacuum, it can shrink to half the original size. This makes the packaging and the delivery easier. Mimpi allows a free trial for 100 nights to its Indonesian market. So if there’s no satisfactory, the company will bear the full refund of the mattress.

Indonesia has one of the fastest growing middle-class markets in Asia and its purchasing power is increasing every year. This is the motivation for Mimpi to target Indonesian people, especially the upper middle class, who have great potential.

Selling online means cutting the cost of the sales and logistics process, not cutting the manufacturing process. Because according to data released by Knoema, GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP) in Indonesia has exceeded US $ 3,027.83 in 2016, this also makes Frank feel that the mattress should not be too expensive.

“Markup can be unfair sometimes. Mattresses are sold 6 to 12 times the production price, which means consumers pay for gimmicks, retail markups, sales commissions, and wholesale profits,” Frank said. Mimpi still has to compete with the big players of the mattress industry who sell offline even though he himself chooses to sell online because the search for mattresses in the online world is still low.

In the creative industry, Mimpi gives an important lesson. These companies have offered original and unique products, and only need a breakthrough in building their own distribution channels to connect directly to prospective customers.


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