Storage Bed, Solusi Kamar Tidur Minimalis

Storage Bed, Minimalist Bedroom Solution

October 13, 2018

The bedroom is the room we use every day to sleep, where we try to rest from all activities and work. If you have a sleeping room that is quite narrow, with lots of stuff, sometimes it makes the room feel crowded. Rooms that are crowded can have an indirect effect on the quality of your sleep.

If you have a room that is narrow enough to put things, it would be better to choose certain furniture that might fit your mattress, for example by choosing storage bed as the choice of your bed frame. By having a storage bed, you no longer need to put a big closet or wardrobe in the room.

Another advantage of choosing a storage bed as a bed frame is that the material is usually very strong compared to other bed frames because it is designed to come together with a closet. While the weakness of the storage bed is that the material is heavier than other types of bed frames and storage bed also need periodic maintenance to buy roller and sliding which cost are quite expensive

Storage beds are indeed very suitable for minimalist style, especially for those who want to outsmart the narrow bedroom. By having a storage bed combined with a latex mattress from Mimpi will help you to sleep on a cool mattress and the room that feels wider, in addition your sleep will get better too.


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