Suhu Badan “Normal “Saat Tidur Di Malam Hari

The “Normal” Body Temperature While Sleeping

May 21, 2019

The hypothalamus in our brain has many functions and task to do every day. One of the tasks is to regulate and manage the human body temperature between 36 – 38 degree Celcius every day, for 24 hours. As long as the human circadian rhythm is normal, sleep occurs when body temperature decreases. Sleep usually starts when the temperature changes with the loss of heat in the body. The lowest average temperature of an adult usually occurs around 5 AM, or two hours before they wake up in the morning.

This low body temperature has an association with sleep. People who fall asleep at night generally have lower temperatures than people who are awake. If someone is awake, they usually have a warmer body temperature. The heat in the body provides energy to keep awake.

Therefore the regulation of temperature during sleep can greatly affect the quality of one’s sleep. Because to reach the stage of deep sleep, body temperature is usually cooler than when we are awake. Apart from setting the room temperature, make sure that the mattress you have has a cool surface such as a latex mattress with memory foam, like the one we provide here in Mimpi.


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