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Milk Is the Cause of Snoring At Night

December 08, 2018

There are several ways to help you sleep fast at night, one of them is drinking milk before bed. But
did you know that drinking milk or consuming some types of dairy products can make you snore at

This dairy product can be in the form of cow milk that we usually drink or also other forms such as
ice cream, cream, yogurt and also cheese. In some cases, people who consume milk will be easily
sleep faster at night, but without realizing it they will also snore during sleep.

This is because milk and those dairy products can thicken the mucosal layer in our mouth. The
thicker the mucosal layer, it can inhibit and interfere with the respiratory process. With the airway
being blocked, the air coming out will block the mucosa itself. This collision will cause the mucosal
wall to vibrate and the sound of this vibration will be released in the form of snoring.


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