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May 20, 2020

Although we are not accrediting the reason for our lifestyle and new habits, we have come to realize that mattresses we sleep on have a major role to play in ensuring a good sound sleep.

Mimpi, a mattress service provider, is one such company that has understood the role mattresses play in customers’ sleeping habits. Founded in 2016 in Indonesia, Mimpi focuses on providing top-quality mattresses at a reasonable price for its consumers.

Through testing and listening to many people, Mimpi has designed incredible, premium long-lasting mattresses that ensure a comfortable and sound sleep.

An entrepreneur driven by core values

Frank, the founder of the Mimpi, brings his experience in law, finance, textile, chemical trading, real estate development, hospitality management, e-commerce, sales, and marketing in order to connect technology with quality-driven mattresses.

Since he is driven by quality craftsmanship, he spends a year of his time and effort designing the right technology for Mimpi’s mattresses. Moreover, he has brought in the best-of-breed technology from Europe to Indonesia and works with expert manufacturers to produce the most comfortable mattresses for both the countries.

Frank’s story of founding Mimpi dates back to when he moved to Indonesia along with his wife. In an attempt to find the right mattress for his new house, he began his search nearby the local mattress showrooms where one can find vast fields of mattresses neatly laid out under the buzz of fluorescent lights.

Here, he was confronted with salespeople who were persuading him to buy mattresses without having the knowledge of any technology used within the mattresses, while offering him strange discounts which didn’t make sense at all.

Frustrated with the mattress buying experience, Frank decided to build a company that could offer best-in-class mattresses at affordable prices.

Knowing the fact that businesses can be ethical, honest, transparent, informative, and most importantly that top quality mattresses don’t need to cost fortunes, Frank went to his home country Belgium in Europe to speak with industry professionals to design the perfect mattresses with a fresh and new look.

Today, Frank has succeeded in what he had believed and has broken the old paradigms of buying mattresses from offline stores by capitalizing on the power of e-commerce to reach people.

Bringing Innovations into Indonesia Market

Being the first company to offer mattresses through e-commerce, Mimpi addresses all the concerns of consumers who do not have any buying experience through e-commerce websites. By offering free delivery, a hundred nights’ free-trails, and a ten-year warranty, the company imparts the message that it stresses more on quality than the quantity.

Today, Mimpi is heavily relying on digital media and social media programs to reach out to people. The company has already established its presence on all social media platforms from Facebook to YouTube and LinkedIn, in combination with Google organic (SEO) and Google AdWords, along with email marketing and blogging to connect with its consumers.

The company going forward intends to expand its foothold in Singapore and Malaysia in the coming years. “Now Mimpi is bootstrapped; once we become self-sustainable, we will see rapid growth. Also, we are planning to build more products that improve the sleep of consumers including the pillows, bed frames, alarm clocks, and many more,” concludes Frank.

Stay tuned for our upcoming update on new products, Mimpi’s friend!


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