Tentang Tempat Tidur Kanopi: Sejarah dan Tips

About Canopy Beds: History and Tips

May 23, 2020

Do you know that bed has always been a symbol of luxury in a bedroom? Especially a canopy bed.

A canopy bed is basically a type of bed that consists of four rising posts from each corner of the bed. These posts extent to around 150 cm or more above the mattress and are connected at the top to keep them stable.

A brief history

Canopy bed came into existence more for useful means than for extravagance or show-off. Canopy beds with curtains that could completely enclose the beds were used by lords and noblemen in medieval Europe during the 13th century for warmth and privacy, as their servants often slept in the same room.

Evolution of canopy beds

Today’s canopy beds can be divided into two categories: traditional or contemporary.

Most of the traditional canopy beds have a Victorian aesthetic, with either metal rod frames or intricately carved wooden frames and posts. This kind of beds also often feature pleated elaborating draping, sometimes with a rather heavy cloth and exotic fabric like silk.

On the other hand, contemporary canopy beds generally use a simpler design. Wood, metal, or a combination of both material is often used. Modern canopy beds also have little to no detail on the foot and headboards and often feature sharp, geometric design.

The pros and cons

Besides its aesthetics, canopy beds also have a lot of functions. They are highly functional because they keep warmth in, block light and noise out, and offer more privacy and protection from insects.

However, they aren’t meant for every lifestyle of room design because they need extra maintenance – the top of the post, and also the linen is known to get dusty. Also, it’s not suitable for a narrow space such as a small bedroom in a small apartment.

Considering a canopy bed for your bedroom?

The following points should be considered before you make the choice:

  • Size of your room
  • Scale and proportion
  • Fabric for your canopy

From the ornamented to a simple one, a canopy bed would make your good night’s sleep more luxurious than ever.

Mimpi mattress and canopy bed

Mimpi’s mattress is the best choice to add comfort to your bedroom. Since our mattresses come in various sizes, you can choose depends on the size of your canopy. We have six different sizes:

  • Single (90×200)
  • Single XL (100×200)
  • Double (120×200)
  • Queen (160×200)
  • King (180×200)
  • Super King (200×200)

We are very sure that our mattress and a canopy bed will make a perfect combination for your bedroom’s coziness.


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