Tetap Sejuk saat Tidur: Bagaimana Caranya?

How to Stay Cool When Sleeping

September 03, 2020

There are many things that can disturb a good night’s sleep: late-night movie time, late-afternoon caffeine, and also a sudden hunger. But a hot bedroom can be one of the most frustrating things. With temperatures can rise up to 40°C in some parts in Indonesia, this may become a problem for many people.

We’ve got some sleep tips for hot sleepers to help you cool down and sleep better!

What were the causes of hot sleeping?

1.  Sleeping environment

This is the most common cause of hot sleeping in Indonesia – passed by equator or khatulistiwa, our country experiences two different seasons in a year: dry and rain. Other than the hot sunshine, the humidity makes people sweat more often, especially in the rain season.

2.  Body hormone levels

Your body’s thermostat can be impacted by any changes in reproductive hormones. It is worse for women who are going through menopause which approximately 75% of them experience more hot flashes.

3.  Certain illness or medication

Night sweats are symptoms of many illnesses as well as taking certain medications. If you have acute or chronic medical conditions, talk to your doctor about the best ways to cool down during very hot weather.

4.  Mattress design

Last but not least, your mattress design has a lot to do with it. Our body temperature drops by 1-2 or more degrees during the night, transferring the heat into the surrounding areas. Certain types of mattresses “trap” the heat and moisture around us.

How to Sleep When It’s Too Hot

  1. Having a cool shower just before going to bed cools the body directly.
  2. Apply cool wet cloths/ice packs to your armpits for short periods of time, as these areas are where your blood flows closest to the surface of your skin.
  3. Wear lightweight clothing.
  4. Use air conditioning or a fan. However, avoid using an air conditioner while sleeping in a vehicle since it can build the carbon dioxide amount which can be dangerous.
  5. Open the windows to let the cool evening air makes a huge difference.
  6. Sleep downstairs! If your bedroom is on the top floor, it is worth sleeping downstairs if you have space since heat always rises.
  7. If you share a mattress with a partner, then consider temporarily separating – two bodies means twice the heat.
  8. Turn off all of your electronics as they generate heat and may become the culprit of the hot temperatures in your bedroom.
  9. Avoid eating hot, heavy, or spicy food near bedtime – they can raise your body temperature.
  10. Use breathable sheets such as linen sheets which have the moisture-wicking qualities.
  11. Stay hydrated! Drink enough water throughout the day but avoid drinking too much water before sleep.
  12. Use a latex mattress like Mimpi’s mattress which naturally has cooling properties.

Mimpi’s mattresses are designed to keeps you cool!

Mimpi’s mattresses have the temperature regulation technology – we use moisture-wicking fabrics and highly breathable A-grade natural latex. Our open-cell natural latex layer stimulates the circulation of air and keeps you cool at night.

Air can pass freely beneath your body, even when the mattress contours your curves so you won’t overheat because the natural latex draws the heat away from your body and disperses it outside of the mattress. Mimpi Mattresses have a low transition temperature, allowing it to stay consistent even when the room temperature changes.

Given that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, it’s important to find a mattress and bedding that have cooling properties if you are someone who typically sleeps hot or live in a hot environment all year long.

Mimpi keeps you cool and comfortable!

Ready to use the coolest mattress you’ll ever have?


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