Apa yang Menyebabkan Anda Insomnia?

Can’t Sleep? What Causes Your Insomnia?

September 03, 2021

Oftentimes we tend to feel irritated when it's near your bedtime but it turns out you’re unable to sleep. Situations like this can be disturbing because the time that is supposed to be used for sleeping causes you to have insomnia. This can cause you to have to stay awake when your body condition is tired and restless to start the day. This condition can impact your productivity throughout the day.

If this condition is allowed, insomnia can ruin your mood and can cause serious health problems. Therefore, Insomnia should be taken seriously, and to handle it you need to know what are the things that insomnia causes and whether your symptoms can cure your insomnia or not.

What is Insomnia? These are some Insomnia symptoms

Apa Itu Insomnia?

Insomnia is one condition that can cause you to have a hard time sleeping peacefully, when you can’t sleep properly you are in a state where your body unconsciously forces you to stay awake in the middle of the night causing you to not be able to sleep. Insomnia is what causes the victims to have a hard time concentrating, not being able to focus and causes a high risk of memory loss, sex drive and also cause other mental illness.

Insomnia is an illness that is very common. Through a fact, this illness is mostly experienced by adults. Even so, insomnia can also be inhabited mostly by other age groups with the same symptoms such as lack of sleep. Other than that, there are also other common insomnia causes that is usually experienced by the victims, which are:

  1. Have difficulty to sleep at night
  2. Headache and tense feeling on the neck
  3. Often sleepy and felt tired in the afternoon
  4. Light sleeper at night and can't sleep again
  5. Having difficulty to focus and concentrate
  6. Wake up from sleep and felt tired

For certain conditions insomnia symptoms can disappear in just a few days. But, if the symptoms continue for more than a week it can distract you from your normal activities, therefore you need to start to check up on your doctor to receive the right diagnosis.

Insomnia causes that you need to know!

Penyebab Insomnia yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

One of the most common insomnia causes comes from specific conditions that allow adults to have difficulty sleeping for a long period of time. One thing that is caused by insomnia varies, starting from the factor of age up until the situation that triggers the mind and body to feel stressed.

1. Stress
Insomnia is usually caused by having a prolonged period of stress. Stress usually makes the sufferer feel overwhelmed and tense therefore you simply can’t sleep.

2. Irregular Sleeping Schedule
Having an irregular sleeping pattern like sleeping too long in the afternoon, often sleeping late, or forcing yourself to wake up early usually can be the cause of insomnia. That thing is usually caused because the body is in process of adapting with sleeping hours that is not certain.

3. Lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming too much caffeine can trigger insomnia. Caffeine is a stimulant that lives inside the body for a period of time and is potentially causing you to have a hard time sleeping if it's consumed in the late afternoon or night time. Whereas alcohol can can you to easily feel sleepy and it can make you worst.

4. Physical illness and Health Problems
Almost all physical illness and health problems can cause difficulty because of the feeling of discomfort. This illness can also be the reason for insomnia and other kinds of sickness such as diabetes, nerves and can cause the sufferer to have a hard time sleeping.

5. Medicine
The reason why people can’t sleep is usually because their insomnia causes came from the side effect of consuming certain medicine. There are a few types of medicine that can cause you to feel sleepy during the day, therefore cause you to have a hard time sleeping at night.
Not only consuming medicine can disturb your sleeping schedule. When you stop consuming certain medicine, your body will react and make you overcome difficulty when sleeping.

How to solve Insomnia Problems

Cara Mengatasi Insomnia yang Paling Ampuh

 In the previous section, you have known what are the causes of insomnia in general. There are several ways to deal with insomnia, one of the most instant ways is to take drugs. But you know, taking drugs in the long term is also not good for health. Therefore, you have to look for other alternatives, so you can fall asleep naturally without the help of chemicals (read here: naturally comfortable sleep)

In addition to the several factors that cause insomnia above, insomnia can also be triggered by other factors such as an uncomfortable room atmosphere. If this insomnia occurs continuously and prolongedly, try to change the room settings, change the room lights to make it dimmer, and choose the right type of mattress for your bed.

Talk about choosing the right mattress. A study from the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine compared latex with memory foam mattresses and found that latex varieties were better at reducing body stress in all sleeping positions. It also means that latex mattresses can support the body by reducing pressure points on the entire surface of the body so that it will provide a comfortable sensation that fits.

Dream mattresses have several variants of latex mattresses that can help overcome all kinds of sleep disturbances. The dream mattress has 3 types of natural latex mattress variants that are anti-fungal and mite-resistant with specifications that you can adjust to your needs.

Dream mattress is a mattress that is very good for body health, especially spinal health and will certainly make your sleep more comfortable because it is made of quality materials. Made of natural grade A latex coating which has benefits for comfort, cooling and thickening consistency. As well as premium high-strength memory foam to support and hold weight so that the body does not sink which at the same time provides an extraordinary comfortable sensation for your body.


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