Tidur Adalah Pain Killer Alami

Sleep is A Natural Pain Killer

June 21, 2019

We agree that having enough sleep can provide many benefits for someone. Study shows that sleep
can affect your health, mood, weight, and even your sex life. In addition to that, researchers have
found that adequate sleep can be a medicine for your pain or natural pain killer.

Doctors often advise people who are physically injured to prioritize their rest at home and to get
enough sleep. Because they believe that having enough sleep can help to reduce pain caused by
the injury. That’s why sleep is a natural pain killer.

However, even so for those who experience severe physical injuries, the same pain can cause them
having a hard time to fall asleep and make them stay awake all night long. So do not be surprised if
doctors often prescribe certain drugs to help patients with physical injury to fall asleep at night.


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