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Premium Quality Sleep

August 08, 2018

MajalahKartini.co.id – A healthy lifestyle is indicated from quality sleep. You’ve had 8 hours of sleep, but are you sure it’s the quality sleep you need? Sleeping well at night and waking up with a fresh and healthy body in the morning need to be supported by a quality mattress.


Mimpi, a technology and lifestyle startup company that focuses on sleep quality launches premium quality foam mattresses at affordable prices to the Indonesian market. Mattress brands with the same name as the company, Mimpi Mattress, have developed its technologies. Mimpi Mattress is designed in Belgium and manufactured in Indonesia.


Frank De Witte, founder and CEO of Mimpi, explained that there are four layers that built the Mimpi Mattress. Each layer has a different quality, and its own function.


There is the Mimpi latex foam that gives a perfect bounce and keeps you cool at night, pressure-relieving foam and memory foam, which follow the body shape to support body posture perfectly. As for the high-resilience foam, it can stop the movement of motion while you sleep, and finally the firm-support base foam that is durable, strong, and capable of providing the ideal level of hardness on the mattress.


The materials used by Mimpi to build its mattress are premium quality of choices. All of these layers work to support health and maximize durability and comfort. Unlike other premium mattresses on the market, most of them use coil technology. De Witte explained, “All (materials) are carefully chosen to ensure that you get the perfect balance while sleeping, regardless of body type or sleep style.” He also added that they use advanced technology and have carried out in-depth research in advance to ensure they create affordable premium mattresses for the Indonesian market.


There are four models to choose from that suits consumer needs. Per model comes with different uses of layers, height and different prices. “Based on our customers’s feedbacks, we learned that the most important element of a mattress is health, comfort, support, temperature and endurance,” De Witte explained.


The company takes pride on their product, Mimpi Mattress, with its sturdy yet luxurious shape, ready to meet the needs of the Indonesian people for high-quality mattresses. “We carry an ideal mattress that perfectly follows your body shape and makes you feel refreshed and energized every time you wake up in the morning,” De Witte stated. He added, that this bedding product is a fulfillment of health needs, luxury, comfort and durability and affordable prices.


Mimpi uses thin but solid woven fabric made from premium materials from Belgium that are knitted around the mattress. This material is to ensure consumers feel for premium quality from the layer that is just below it. The zipper that can be removed, and can be stretched makes it is easy to clean. Mimpi Mattress is sold exclusively online through the official website www.mimpi.co.id.

“We understand that a busy lifestyle has triggered demand for efficiency and effectiveness at every level. Therefore, we offer a comfortable shopping experience through online purchases,” De Witte said.


In terms of packaging and shipping, Mimpi mattress is probably the most unique in Indonesia today. With innovative vacuum-compressing technology, which compresses the mattress so that it can be folded and put into a specific sized box. In addition, Mimpi also provides an opportunity for 100 nights of free trial to its customers.


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