Tidur Berkualitas Itu Penting

The Importance of Quality Sleep

July 21, 2018
Did you know that everyone spent 33 percent of their life in bed? This figure shows sufficient need to restore energy and be able to stay energized for the day. It turns out that sleep quality is quite a determinant of quality of life. Imagine if your sleep is not enough, you will feel sleepy at school and you cannot focus on the lesson. Mimpi, a technology and lifestyle startup company that focuses on sleep quality, presents affordable premium mattress. Mimpi’s Founder and CEO, Frank De Witte explained, the developed mattress has four different quality layers. Each layer has its own function, but all are incorporated into one to support health and maximize durability and comfort for its users. “Mimpi is present to satisfy the need for comfort for its users. Therefore we created a quality mattress. Because better sleep quality makes a better life quality,” he said.


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