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June 20, 2018

Mimpi, a startup company exploring technology and lifestyle that focuses on sleep quality, introduces new affordable premium quality mattress to its Indonesian market, Mimpi Mattress. With the technology developed in Belgium, Mimpi finishes the production in Indonesia.

What quality do you expect from a mattress? Good quality mattress has to meet the needs for comfort, health, temperature, support, and durability. Fortunately, Mimpi summarizes all the benefits in its product, so look no further, folks.

For the sake of getting the benefits of comfort that also supports health, Frank De Witte as the founder and CEO of Mimpi stated, “We chose a memory foam which relieves pressure and follows the body shape so it supports the posture perfectly.”

In addition to memory foam, there are various layers that support four other functions. Such as latex foam that keeps the body cool during sleep, high resilience foam that eliminates movement during sleep, and a firm support base that serves to provide the ideal level of hardness in the Mimpi Mattress.

Curious to find out more about the product? Click www.mimpi.co.id to experience the best quality sleep.


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