Tidur yang Cukup Bantu Proses Diet Anda

Enough Sleep Helps Your Diet Process

March 18, 2019

The New Year’s resolution that has never changed for some people is to live healthy, losing weight
and maintain a good diet. Many people failed to lose weight and maintain a good diet because
they’re affected by their own bad habit, which is their tendency to have lack of sleep at night.

Any reason that makes people stay up late at night cannot release them from the consequences of
the lack of sleep itself. Based on research by the Obesity Daily Journal, it is known that those who
had lack of sleep tend to consume more high-calorie foods than those who had enough sleep.

High-calorie foods aim to cover fatigue due to lack of sleep. It is known that people usually consume
high-calorie foods at night when staying up late. This certainly disrupts the metabolic function of the
body, because it will be difficult to process food at night. In the long run, you might gain some more
If your resolution this year is to maintain a healthy diet, you may first have to promise not to stay up
at night.


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