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Decreased Intelligence Due to Sleep Deprivation

October 05, 2018

The human need to rest. The need to rest and sleep is equivalent to the need to eat and breathe. We
know that the impact of sleep deprivation affects health, but do you know that in addition to health,
lack of sleep also contributes to decrease your level of intelligence?

Level of intelligence can decrease due to lack of sleep. This is due to the level of cognitive processing
in the brain. When we sleep, a nerve connection that supports memory will be reinforced. If we have
a lack of sleep, then our cognitive that affects the ability to concentrate, solve problems and sensitivity
will be disturbed. And if our nerve connection is weak, then our memory will also weaken.

In addition to strengthening the nerves during sleep, the brain also rearranges our memory to be
grouped before being stored. Sleeping for at least 7 hours a day is the time needed for the brain to
do its job properly. If you only have less than 7 hours to sleep, then both the memory structuring
process, nerve strengthening, and cognitive processing will not occur and gradually your level of
intelligence and memory will weaken automatically.

Keep in mind that a good sleep pattern accompanied by a comfortable mattress from Mimpi that
made by the combination of pure latex and memory foam can make your sleep more comfortable.

Therefore, you need enough rest so that your nervous system and brain can function properly and
prevent your level of intelligence from falling.


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