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Tips For Finding The Perfect Mattress

June 12, 2018

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Quality sleep is the kind of sleep that wakes you up in a good mood in the morning and fueled you with energy to seize the day. And this affects productivity and a better life. Your quality of sleep is determined by your choice of mattress.

Frank De Witte, Founder, and CEO of the Mimpi mattress brand explained the importance of choosing a mattress for sleep quality. “Because better sleep will produce a better life. Therefore, carefully choose your mattress to ensure that you get the perfect balance while sleeping,” Frank said in Jakarta Thursday 8 February 2018.

There are a few things to be considered when choosing a mattress, which is knowing the types of mattress foam according to comfort and needs.


Standard type mattress
Standard types of mattresses are made of common materials in conventional stores and usually use coil spring technology. What you have to put attention in this type of mattress is the large number of spring rolls does not determine the quality of the mattress. And don’t forget to always remember your needs. Can this type of mattress minimize movements when sleeping?

Latex foam mattress
Latex foam can provide a temperature balance that keeps you cool at night and is suitable for those who often sweat when sleeping. Avoid choosing a mattress with memory foam because it absorbs and stores body temperature and makes it hot at night.

Memory foam mattress
Memory foam is a type of foam that follows the body’s shape so that it can support body posture perfectly during sleep. Therefore, this type of mattress is suitable for those of you who do not move much when sleeping because regular mattress can change shape due to decreasing quality of foam or spring after being used for so long. This will certainly affect your back and causing many back problems.


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