Ubah Kamar Jadi Kamar Hotel

Turn Your Room Into A Hotel Room

November 09, 2018

Building a comfortable and appropriate atmosphere for sleep is one of a few factors that can improve sleep quality. Already bought your premium-quality Mimpi Mattresses? Fulfill sleeping in a five-star hotel room with a few tips that you can apply, according to the Sleep website.

1. Update your mattress, replace with a new and more quality if necessary. A mattress is an important factor that supports the quality of our sleep every day, therefore, if your mattress has started to sag, it’s time to replace with a new one.

2. Try variations of color that highlight a feeling of tranquility such as purple, gray, light blue or pale green. These colors can also be applied to bed sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters, as well as blankets.

3. Keep your room neat and tidy, because it’s important to be in a state of mind that encourages sleep. Eliminate visual disturbances such as a stack of work files, electronic goods, and your gym necessities if you like to workout in your room.

4. Adjust the lighting, block all outside lighting that can sneak into the bedroom by installing dark color curtains. Dim the lights in the evening, place a lamp with a 60 watt or lower bulb that filters blue light on your desk if you have a reading habit before going to bed.

5. Aroma can also be helpful to your five-star quality sleep. Use lavender to give a sense of relaxation and regulate the atmosphere for sleep. Other smell like lemongrass or sweet orange to reduce tension and anxiety.

6. Picture of a nature landscape has a calming effect. There’s no need to buy expensive paintings or photos, just by printing your holiday photos with your family and frame it, put it on display wherever you please.


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