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Dry Air Cause Snoring During Sleep

October 31, 2018

Sleeping in a cold or lower temperature room often causes the room to feel very dry. Not only causing skin or lips to be cracked, air that is too dry also indirectly causes a person to snore. Snoring every night is not the best musical choice that will make sleep more comfortable.

The air we breathe during sleep will enter the nose and if the air is dry enough, it will make the membrane in the nose also turns dry so that it creates vibrations in the esophagus and produces a snoring sound.

If that happens, you should turn on the humidifier that you have at home. A humidifier will make your bedroom more humid. Humid room will make the inner membrane of the nose become moist and eliminate the vibrations inside the esophagus. In addition, you can also add essential oil to the humidifier. A pleasant aroma will make sleep more soundly.


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